Long-Term Birth Control Methods

Long-term contraceptives are effective, non-permanent methods for preventing pregnancy that you don’t have to think about daily, weekly, or monthly. They can be removed at any time you wish.

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Long-term birth control methods

The methods we offer are:

Liletta® intrauterine system (English)
Liletta® anticonceptivo intrauterino (Español)

  • A t-shaped device that contains a small amount of hormones
  • Inserted in your uterus
  • Effective for five years

Paragard® intrauterine device (English)
Paragard® anticonceptivo intrauterino (Español)

  • A t-shaped, copper device that contains no hormones
  • Inserted in your uterus
  • Effective for ten years

Nexplanon® hormone releasing implant (English)

  • Single, matchstick sized rod
  • Placed under the skin in your upper arm
  • Effective for three years