CWHC Contraception & Abortion Services

The Comprehensive Women’s Health Center offers a variety of services related to contraceptive counseling and pregnancy termination. Services are provided in a comfortable, confidential, and convenient clinic setting.

Deciding to have an abortion

Having an abortion, whether it’s because of an unplanned pregnancy, poor timing, fetal anomaly, or your own health, is an intensely personal decision. Deciding what to do and what is best for you is something only you can do. You may or may not have help with this decision from your partner, your friends, or your family.

At The CWHC, we don’t believe that we should be telling you what the best course of action is — you know your circumstances and your resources much better than we do.

We do know that having an abortion is a hard decision, so we recommend the following websites to help you find clear, unbiased information and tools to help you with this choice:

We have also put together a resource page with information about abortion and online support resources: Abortion Information & Resources