Privacy Policy

The Comprehensive Women’s Health Center supports the protection of individual privacy and is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of personally identifiable information provided by its employees and visitors. However, the CWHC may disclose information to third parties when such disclosure is required by law.

Information collected

It is the policy and practice of the CWHC to collect the least amount of personally identifiable information necessary to fulfill its required duties and responsibilities, complete a particular transaction, deliver services or as required by law. This applies to the collection of all personally identifiable information regardless of source or medium. Information provided should only be shared with employees of the CWHC who have a need to know to provide services or conduct business. The CWHC will take reasonable and appropriate measures to protect personally identifiable information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Individuals may choose whether or not to provide information to the CWHC via the internet. The CWHC website may be accessed without providing personally identifiable information; however some options or special services may require the submission of personally identifiable information.

Information other than personally identifiable information may be collected from the Internet for analysis and statistical purposes. Such information may include user visit logs, network traffic logs, and small text files known as “cookies” used to assess website activity. Information collected from the Internet is used to diagnose problems, assess what information is of most interest, determine technical design specifications and identify system performance and/or problem areas.