Price List & Payment Options

The Comprehensive Women’s Health Center strives to be honest and supportive about our prices. Our office is available to help you determine the payment option that is best for you.

In the table below, you will find a list of all costs and inclusions. Abortion procedures include an ultrasound and abortion consultation with a specially-trained gynecologist, as well as post-procedure monitoring and pain medications. The fee also includes the chance to talk with a physician about birth control options and potentially start a method at the time of the abortion.

If you have a negative blood type, there is an additional $50-100 charge for a RhoGAM® injection (as noted below) for either type of abortion.

Self-pay price

Consultation & Ultrasound

*This initial consultation cost can be applied to the cost of a procedure appointment if performed within 2 weeks of the initial consultation


Medication Abortion (6 weeks – 9 weeks)

*Includes all follow-up appointments and ultrasounds


Surgical Abortion (6 weeks – 10 weeks, 6 days)

*With oral sedation: $375
*With intravenous (IV) sedation: $475


Surgical Abortion (11 weeks – 12 weeks, 6 days)

*With intravenous (IV) sedation: $555


Surgical Abortion (13 weeks – 14 weeks, 6 days)

*Includes sedation and, if needed, separate appointment for placement of cervix dilators


Surgical Abortion (15 weeks – 16 weeks, 6 days)

*Includes sedation and separate appointment for placement of cervix dilators


Surgical Abortion (17 weeks – 17 weeks & 6 days)

*Includes sedation and separate appointment for placement of cervix dilators


Surgical Abortion (18 weeks – 22 weeks, 0 days)

*Includes sedation and separate appointment for placement of cervix dilators


LabCorp™ Blood Type Testing*

*You may also bring in your records if you already have had a blood test with a different doctor, and you will not be charged this fee.


RhoGAM® half dose

*Required if you have a negative blood type


RhoGAM® full dose

*Required if you have a negative blood type: Full dose may be required based on gestational age


LARC Removal





Please note that self-pay prices are subject to change, and up-to-date pricing information will be provided when you schedule your appointment.


Some insurance plans do cover elective abortions, but many do not. Please contact your insurance company (using the “Benefits” or “Customer Service” phone number listed on your insurance card) to find out whether your insurance will cover the procedure. For second trimester terminations, especially if there is a fetal anomaly, please contact our office and we will assist you in verifying eligibility.

In Colorado, Medicaid will not pay for an elective abortion unless the mother’s health is in danger.

Please be advised

If you plan to use your medical insurance for your procedure, note that the amount billed to the insurance company is greater than the self-pay package cost. If your insurance company does not cover the total bill, you may receive a bill for the remainder, which under some circumstances could be higher than the self-pay package cost.

Circumstances where this may occur include:

  • Unmet annual deductible
  • Contracted payment amounts do not cover the total charges
  • Lack of prior authorization
  • Not a covered benefit.

CWHC is happy to process your insurance claim with the understanding that we are not responsible for any discrepancy between the amount billed and the amount your insurance company pays. If you have any questions, please ask us before your bill is submitted, as no adjustments can be made after any payment is received from your insurance.