All services at the Comprehensive Women’s Health Center are private and confidential. All physicians, staff, students, trainees, and volunteers must abide by strict federal and state privacy and security regulations, including HIPAA. At the CWHC, you can be assured that your personal, medical, and billing information will not be shared with anyone, including your family and referring doctor, without your signed consent.

Patient privacy in our office

The Comprehensive Women’s Health Center is integrated into the general women’s health practice. Our patients mix with general OB/GYN patients and there are no signs indicating the types of appointments that occur in the Center.

Confidential with your insurance plan

Many insurance companies have confidential billing for pregnancy termination procedures, but some do not. If you are using health insurance to pay for your procedure and you have concerns around the issue of confidentiality, be sure to check with your insurance company about their policies.

Privacy for teens

Teenagers (ages 12-18) have the legal right to consent to their own care with confidentiality related to specific issues, including pregnancy and family planning. However, in Colorado, minors are required to notify their parents prior to having an abortion. We will do everything we can to assist you with this process.

Learn more about parental notification