For Our Patients

Comprehensive abortion & contraceptive services for women

The CWHC is dedicated to the provision of high-quality, affordable pregnancy termination services for all women. It is a full-service abortion and contraception practice located in central Denver in the Lowry neighborhood that provides care for women who seek elective abortion in the first 14-22 weeks of pregnancy or desire termination due to fetal anomalies or maternal health conditions, as well as miscarriage management.

The CWHC seeks to provide individual care in a supportive and respectful setting.

All services at the Comprehensive Women’s Health Center are private and confidential. All physicians, staff, students, trainees, and volunteers must abide by strict federal and state privacy and security regulations, including HIPAA. At the CWHC, you can be assured that your personal, medical, and billing information will not be shared with anyone, including your family and referring doctor, without your signed consent.

In this section you will find abortion information resources, information about other options, and privacy information.